COVID-19 Corona Virus Disease


With an aim to reduce panic and rumors about the affected cases and the fatality rate, we are developing this dashboard of the Corona Virus outbreak in India.

In the absence of a central and single data source, we are aggregating data from multiple sources including the Government site. We then re-verify and organize the data in this dashboard. We hope that this India centric covid19 dashboard will serve real-time information daily.

We are still adding more analytics and a data re-validation workflow.

Please join us in this initiative and collaborate by

  • spreading the word to everyone in your network about this site
  • sending us information about the affected or hospitalized cases in your neighborhood
  • helping us re-verify the data
  • reporting errors or issues
  • notifying security concerns, if any
  • sending us feedback and suggestions

Thank you and Gratitude.

Disclaimer: This is not an official Government of India site. Refer this sources page. We aggregate data manually from various sources.